October 2020

Remove git HEAD branch

HEAD is a pointer to a commit (usually master) so when you checkout your repository the commit which HEAD points at will be checked out. Usually you'd want it if when checking out you want a different branch or tag to be checked out.

You can take a look at what it's pointing out by issuing the following command:

And you'll probably see something like the following: origin/HEAD -> origin/master

You can delete HEAD if you don't need it (although it doesn't do any harm being there) by issuing the following command: 

Note: on github there is already an checkbox you can check under Settings > Options.

Sketch Vector Graphics (SVG) for Android

The two following medium articles are explaining the best strategy

How to export clean .svg icons with Sketch

Tips for exporting vector assets from Sketch to Android
Design best practices for Android mobile App (with SketchApp)

In a nutshell:
  • Avoid using masks - they're not supported
  • fill rule: ‘fill-rule:evenodd’ is not supported
  • transforms on path are not supported, use option Bake transforms into path
  • avoid groups
  • avoid rotations
  • Make outlines, not strokes
  • Pathfinders are your friend
  • Adobe Illustrator is the best troubleshooter
  • Combined and transformed shapes may not appear as what they seem
  • Transparencies are your friend...
  • …and gradients are not
  • Export artboards, not layers
  • Flattening shapes will solve most problems
  • If your shape has a border, use an centre border
  • Text directly are not supported - text need to be converted to curves

  • try out vector optimization tools, e.g.  svgo-compressor or avocado